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Did you already know ...

... know that since August 2020 a modern electronic room booking system has been installed in more and more rooms?

Since August 2020 we have been using the first screens of a modern room booking system in 4 selected meeting rooms. With the new system we hope to make better use of the existing meeting rooms and it will help you to plan efficient meetings.

Here are a few features that await you:

  • Find out on screen when the room is occupied or free today. Meetings can now be booked flexibly and ad hoc on site on the screen in addition to the Google calendar.
  • Check in at the beginning of the meeting. With this we would like to make ghost meetings in our location a thing of the past. If no one comes to the meeting, the room is freed up for other colleagues.
  • The change of the color aura tells you whether the room is free or occupied. If the color changes to orange, the next meeting will start in 5 minutes. It’s high time to summarize your meeting and find a round ending.